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About Abstract

Designing and building innovative, community-minded spaces has always been the foundation of founder, Mike Miller’s work. Since establishing Abstract in 1999, Mike has been passionate about the process of design – how it benefits the local community, how it impacts residents, the overall look and function of the design, and solving the unique challenges of building in our city. This fascination and commitment to unparalleled quality is the foundation of Abstract Developments’ success.

With an acclaimed background in custom homes, Mike’s reputation for superior work and attention to detail quickly led to larger and more diverse multi-family and mixed-use developments. In the years since its inception, Abstract has established itself as Victoria’s most award-winning developer for custom homes and developments – something we are very proud of. We believe that when you step into any Abstract build – whether it be a custom home or larger development – you’re immediately able to feel the difference that comes from thoughtful, innovative and well-crafted design.

In 2015, Mike was proud to announce two new partners; Sam Ganong, in the role of VP of Development, and Kyle Ryan as VP of Construction. With sixteen years in business, Abstract has completed more than 120 single and multi-family homes to date and employs a passionate team of 45.

“Cheerful testimonial from a satisfied Abstract homeowner."

–Happy Homeowner

Together, we are a passionate group that prides itself on quality work. We are focused on creating the most innovative, thoughtful and community-minded developments and we’re proud to say it shows.


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